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" (in response to mango pie)

...girl I was in heaven as I devoured it"


“Marie!!! Your cake was a major hit.  It taste sooo good witht the marshmallow stuff.  Really, really delicious. The only thing left in my house was the popcorn!  Thank you so much. It was perfect, with attention to detail… He loved it too.”

Dr. Sadie Alvarez

“Hello Marie! Trust and pray that all is well with you and yours.  I just wanted to say thank you for the beautiful cake you made for my husbands party.  Not only was it beautiful, but it was DELICIOUS!!! I don’t know when I’ve enjoyed cake so much…even though I didn’t get my own piece I ate some of his and somebody else’s.  You can make caked for me anytime!”

Lisa Anderson

“Marie - thanks so much!!! The cake was the BOMB.  I took some to my mom today.....the cake was gorgeous of the town when we unveiled it....It turned out cute...thanks so much, xoxoxo"

Christina Ramlall

“YUMMY! DELICIOUS! AMAZING! PERFECT! You get the point! Marie is a pleasure working with.  She captured my vision for my cake and I couldn’t have been happier. Till this day, everyone is still talking about her cake and cupcakes.  You have to try it for yourself! Trust me, you will thank me later!”

Dan Hendrick

“Amazing work of art! Thank you”

Kevin Lomax

“Thank you Marie the cake was a hit.....she loved it”

Elder Daniel Parr

“This cake looked and tasted fantastic!!! Thank you sooooo much!!!!!”

Bridgett Lovell

"Marie!!!!.....that cake was all THAT!!!

Sandra Clarke

...I had two cupcakes yesterday, they were very delicious..very tasty...

Avion (One Year Later)

“Hey Marie, wanted you to know that I froze the top of the cake…bag of popcorn from the cake you made for me last March for Risque…I took that bag of popcorn from the freezer last week and it was like you just made it…Taste so moist, scrumptious, delicious, crazy, sooo good.”

Kisha Maduro

“So the critics (my mother and Jen) gave your cake) raving reviews. When I decided to order a custom made cake I knew I would be spending money.  After taking yours apart I completely understand its not just the effort that goes into decorating the outside.  It was so thoughtfully layered to include her colors and could serve triple the amount of people that were here. The cake was fresh, and once it reached room temperature you could truly appreciate it.  I picked flavors that I thought kids would enjoy but not the mondane strawberry and pineapple that everyone puts in their cake that I can't stand but I could only imagine what a hooked up cake of yours would taste like��.  Marie you have a talent. My daughter loved her unicorn cake.”

Yvette Taitt

"That shoe is absolutely gorgeous!!.. I truly thank you....You truly blessed me. Go d knew what was on my heart..You made my 50th birthday unforgettable..."

 Djenane Bazile

“Thank you Marie for taking the time to make me this beautiful cake and for celebrating my birthday with me. Love you girl!”

Angela James

“Amazing work of art! Thank you”

Niesha Ofori

“Thank you Marie the cake was a hit.....she loved it”

Elder Roger Mull

“The cakes have endless options for design and are so good”

Sharon Webb-Richards

“Wow! This was an amazing made from scratch red Velvet cake”

 Luella Hardwick

“For all of your cake needs contact Marie Bryant.  This carrot cake was beautiful and absolutely delicious!!!”

Naomi Blemur

“Thank you so much!! You  did such a wonderful job. Indeed, the bride to be was well pleased”

 Rachel Joseph 

“It was soooooooo good. Yo devore-l lol it wasn’t enough. Absolutely amazing at everything”

Zarahiah Richey

“Her kind spirit and personality. Her sweet delicious cakes will make you go ummmmm.  They are absolutely amazing for your events”

Dana Alvarez

“ She’s one of the BEST!! Her cakes are delicious”

 Cynthia Mitchell

“Best carrot cake I ever had! Really”

 Kevin Richards

“Looks pretty and taste delicious too” 

Helen Perlitz

“Best cake ever”

Michael B Jordan comments on a GDC cake image!
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