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Thank you for considering Gateau du Ciel for your occasion and/or event. We take each opportunity offered to us as a chance to showcase something personal, unique and beautiful to add an extra sweet flavor to your occasion. Each GDC creation is done with precision and skill with a spirit of excellence. Our products are created with fine quality ingredients to provide a great palette experience and our goal is to elevate your sweet desires.

Although GDC goods may not contain nuts or other allergens, these goods are NOT prepared in an allergy free environment. Therefore, securing your order, confirms your consent to this and it will be your responsibility to inform your guests.


Feel free to provide samples of anything relating to the theme of your event.  The more details you give, the better we can provide a quote. Keep in mind that our servings are based on the recommendations of standard cake pan servings which are calculated to 1”x2” cut slices. For any ideas based on an already produced cake from another company, please understand it will not be replicated exactly due to copyright laws. Something about it will be altered using our judgment, to make it a bit more original unless you are specific about a change.  Securing your order confirms your consents to this.

Gateau du Ciel foundational prices are also based on the decorating medium used.  Please remember what your requests sometimes can only be made in a specific medium for the best results.  For example, not everything can be done with buttercream and consider factors that alters taste are colorings, i.e. hot pink.   We use various buttercreams to achieve different goals.  We will always suggest the best option for your request.  

Please review the starting pricing below and contact us for customizing your request. GDC is open to offer suggestions to accommodate your budget. The complexity of a cake design is the determining factor of the final cost.  Complexity includes all details, from cake board and flavor, to minute details made.  If you have decorations for your cake, including a topper please inform us and provide it or a picture of it in order to take it into consideration when finalizing your project. 

We offer various sweet treats as individuals or packages for your dessert table or as favors. Inquire if interested.

Cake prices starting costs:

  • Buttercream only $7+/svg (cake requests which requires  added décor medium will be priced starting @ $7.25+/svg)

  • Complete Fondant/modeling chocolate $8+/svg Structural (shaped, custom cut, 3D, etc.) & Tiered cakes (min. @ 40 svgs) minimum base starting price @ $300+

  • Specialty flavors are flavors that require more then the basic ingredients (i.e. velvet cakes, fresh fruit fillings, others i.e. carrot , strawberry, rum, etc) are +$1.00/svg which is added to above base rate

  • All treats are minimum 2 dozen orders and one flavor/dozen

Please understand that the ability to create custom edible art is a unique talent that yields breath taking masterpieces.  Therefore prices and our service cannot be compared or negotiated.  This inquiry allows for one quote per order.  Going back and forth with pricing will not be responded to. Therefor please have an allocated budget known and secured for your cake, desserts and treats. PLEASE NOTE, YOUR BUDGET SUPERCEEDS SERVINGS.  For example, if you want to serve 40 people and your budget is $200, based on the design and/ or flavor you are requesting, it will deduct from the servings requested in order to stay within the budget.  We do our best to stay within the means you’ve allowed. Therefor please be true to your event in the effect you’d like and what you want for you and your guests. Please note that original GDC designs will not be shared unless your order is secured with us with the non-refundable retainer.

Your occasion is a once in a lifetime opportunity, therefor make room for possible changes to be made.  Gateau du Ciel aims to please and will bring to life whatever dessert you choose.  We trust that you have confidence in us with the vision of your treats.  Once secured, your order will be confirmed with all the details after which, no change will be made from flavor to icing color.  Securing your order confirms your consents to this.

Delivery and set-up options for an additional fee can be discussed. Please note, delivery and/or set-up is excluded from your invitation to us for your event and it will be calculated based on mileage, gas price at time of order and required set-up if applicable. ALL pick up orders must be picked up by 10am and deliveries will be out by noon to assigned delivery address!! Therefor, for the sake of time and the lack thereof, on the day you are running around for your event, consider booking for the day before. There will be no last minute changes of pick up or delivery time. 

For more details, please do not hesitate to contact us @ (845) 367-2986.

Thank you again for supporting your local business. We look forward to servicing you. God's sweet blessings to you!                         

Once received, this inquiry has a grace period of 48 hours for you to book an order and is subject  to change.

                                            ** Gateau du Ciel is not required to inform you of being booked and/or unavailable**.



Please have the consideration in responding to this inquiry whether placing an order or not.

God's sweet blessings to you and Thank you!

Marie Bryant 

Custom Cake Artist & Owner of Gateau du Ciel, Inc.

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