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About the Founder


I am originally from a village in Rockland County, called Spring Valley.  My family is of Haitian decent and I have been living in the Southeast Queens since 2010.

I grew up with my parents, brother and sisters and have always loved the kitchen.  I enjoyed everything about food, cooking, watching and learning it from others.  I was fascinated by baking because I had a sweet tooth and I loved the science of recipes and what can be made with putting the right ingredients together.
I always wanted an Easy-bake oven but my parents couldn’t afford one. So every chance I could bake “for real”, I did.  Throughout my school years, I took every cooking class my school offered!

But there was also an artistic side of me that I could not ignore and I would nurture growing up.  When my siblings were watching cartoons on Saturday mornings, I was entertained and mesmerized by Bob Ross.  I mocked him in drawing beautiful pieces of art.  Julia Child was my remote culinary instructor and I learned the language of food from her.  These habits developed a very creative mind and trained taste buds, only to have many years later the two skills marry and birth my now cake business.

I continued life and pursued a career as an RN with occasional moments to delve into my passion.  But one year my church had a picnic featuring a baking contest, I entered and won.
I not only won the first year, I won the second year too!  And that opened up opportunities for me to really continue to bake as people were now interested in this winning cake.  In all that baking, this creative edible habit was becoming very costly.  So, in order to continue mastering my craft, I barely charged for an order and when I did it, just almost covered ingredient and supply costs.


My Pastor used by God and led by the Holy Spirit inspired me one Sunday morning, as he preached a message “Creation Waits for You” where he expounded on the “business” aspect of a hobby and passion. He talked about what God gave us in our hands and how that was given to us as a gift to bless others...and in turn bless us! It was then that the business notion was conceived and I accepted what was given to me as a gift to be respected and groomed.

I then began to research the cake business industry to learn of it further and that introduced me to great Cake Artist from all over the world.  I began to follow them and social media became part of my schooling along with classes taken here and there. I surrounded myself with these Cakers that superseded my ability, which pushed me to give my absolute best. I was fascinated by what the “ordinary cake” could be transformed to. It allowed me to divorce the “basic” look for cakes and redirected me to taking this delightful dessert and transforming it.


All of that resulted to the birthing of my business , Gateau du Ciel (French for heavenly cakes), pronounced “Ga-toe-du-See-yell” (disclaimer:  my English translation).   We offer custom cakes and desserts, which are uniquely designed for your events.
Even if inspired by an already existing cake, the taste will be a satisfying experience.  Our goal is to “elevate your sweet desires”.  And what that means is to open up the mind to go past the usual and be creative in style and in flavor.  We want to make the moment as special as possible. If you are gonna have a piece of cake, let it be the best piece of cake you have ever had! 

Gateau du Ciel, a votre your service!!


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